PAs in Urology work under the supervision of a licensed Urologist to assist in the global management of urologic patients, including all aspects of pre-, intra- and post-operative care.

In general, urologic PAs are authorized to perform any duties delegated to them by their supervising physician that they feel comfortable performing. Often urologic PAs can take care of many routine urological problems, freeing the surgeon to concentrate on more complex patients.

Job Qualifications

  • Master degree and post-graduate surgical residency
  • PAs with no urologic experience take approximately six to twelve months of intensive OJT to perform many urologic PA functions

General Duties & Responsibilities

  • Performs complete evaluations on patients of all ages (pediatric through geriatric)
  • Orders and interprets appropriate lab, x-ray and special studies
  • Establishes a working diagnosis based upon acquired data
  • Develops a treatment plan for urological conditions in accordance with current urology practice and in conjunction with the urologist
  • Implements therapeutic intervention
  • Provides appropriate follow-up care
  • Exercises judgment on conditions requiring consultation, referral or evaluation by the supervising urologist or other healthcare professionals

Hospital Duties & Responsibilities

  • Performs complete pre-operative H & Ps on all surgical patients, identifying and alerting the surgeon to any disqualifying conditions that present
  • Performs first assistant duties in all surgical procedures, including nephrectomies, nephrostomies, radical prostatectomies, cystectomies, orchiectomies, penile prosthetic implantations, urological trauma procedures, transurethal procedures, artificial urethral sphincter implantations, stent procedures and others
  • Conducts daily rounds of all ward and ICU patients
  • Evaluates care and order appropriate labs, special studies, IVs, diet, and therapeutic interventions required
  • Formulates and implements discharge planning and clinical follow-up in conjunction with surgeon
  • Dictates discharge summaries
  • Evaluates and provides appropriate intervention (in conjunction with supervising surgeon) for ER and nursing home patients
  • Identifies need and catheterizes patients with appropriate catheters for their condition

Office Duties & Responsibilities

  • Sees new and follow-up patients and provides problem-oriented intervention for their urological conditions
  • Presents patients, when appropriate, to the supervising surgeon
  • Assists in care, treatment and follow-up as needed
  • Performs and/or assists in office procedures, including transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) volume studies, urodynamics, cystoscopies, post-void residual (PVRs) evals, difficult catheterizations, post-op voiding trails and other necessary procedures
  • Orders and interprets lab, x-ray, special studies and clinical procedures and provides appropriate care and follow-up
  • Provides phone consultation for patient complaints and prescription refills
  • Performs on-call duties for urology
  • Evaluates, screens and counsels patients on health maintenance and promotes utilization of community resources
  • Designs, conducts, and/or participates in research studies
  • Manages databases
  • Performs quality assurance