PAs in Administration oversee the staffing and overall function of other physician assistants. They institute departmental and hospital policies and ensure that the staff consistently provides professional and quality patient health care.

PAs in Administration may have one of the following titles: Director, Coordinator or Senior Physician Assistant.

Job Qualifications

Qualifications may include numerous years of physician assistant practice and a master degree in a related field.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Recruit and credential new applicants as needed.
  • Orient new employees
  • Oversee the staffing of physician assistants on various services, both medical and surgical
  • Inform and educate staff of any new policies and/or procedures
  • Act as a liaison between the physician assistant staff, physicians and other health care professionals
  • Perform chart review
  • Investigate and respond to incidents from Quality Management Committees
  • Maintain personnel files
  • Coordinate in-service programs
  • Assist with peri-operative in-patient, and out-patient care as needed
  • Attend and/or chair various mandatory committee meetings
  • Update the Director of Surgery/Medicine and/or Senior Administrator as needed
  • Formulate new policies and procedures as necessary to comply with medical standards, JCAHO, as well as state and governmental laws
  • Keep Policy and Procedure Manuals up to date
  • Act as a hospital representative in dealing with patient or family complaints
  • Assist in the reporting, investigating and follow-up of reportable incidents
  • Formulate budget requirements with the finance department
  • Secure vacation coverage
  • Counsel and/or discipline as needed
  • Work with OR nursing management to keep the OR booked and on schedule