References & Reading

  • Reading on "Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in the Intensive Care Unit: An Evidence-based Review" By Ruth M. Kleinpell, PhD, RN, ACNP, FCCM; E. Wesley Ely, MD, MPH, FCCM; Robert Grabenkort, PA, MMSc, FCCM
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  • US News and World Report, "Soul of a Surgeon" By Richard Selzer, M.D. 7/12/04
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Reading on the Eighty Hour work week for Resident Physicians:

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For those exploring an exciting career as a surgical PA:

  • "Opportunities in Physician Assistant Careers" by T.J. Sacks
  • "Getting into the PA School of your Choice" by Andrew J. Rodican
  • "Kernel in the Pod: The Adventures of a "Midlevel" Clinician." by J. Michael Jones

For the Experienced surgical PA:

  • "Kernel in the Pod: The Adventures of a "Midlevel" Clinician." by J. Michael Jones
  • "Physician Assistants in American Medicine" by R Hooker and J. Cawley

On the Cost effectiveness of the surgical PA:

  • Druss et al. "Trends in care by non-physician clinicians in the US" NEJM
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    for healthcare research & quality.
  • Lin Sx, Hoocker et al. "NP's and PAs in hospital out patient departments" Nursing
    Economics PAs & NP's represent a cost-effective strategy.

Surgical PAs help reduce the surgical workload:

  • R Gates et al The American Surgeon, May 2003 Volume 69 #5 page 367:
    "More than 1/2 of those survied stated they would not encourage a young person to
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On the surgical PAs scope of practice:

  • Gunneson et al. "US assisted percutaneous liver biopsy reformed by PAs AMJ Gastroent 2002:97:1472-5" The PA obtained adeel tissue 99.8%. Complications requiring hospitalization were 0.6%.
  • Lee, et. al. "Survey on Utilization of Nonsurgeon Practitioners in Cardiothoracic Surgery"
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History of the Surgical Physician Assistant:

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Marketing the Profession:

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General Physician Assistant information:

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  • J Mittman, Cuwels, Fern. "PAs in the United States" British Medical Journal. 2002:
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