PA Student Information

Congratulations on your status as a PA student. As you can imagine, a very bright future awaits you, especially if you have an interest in the hottest area of PA practice: SURGERY.

Jump Start your Surgical PA Career

Land a sweet PA post-graduate training position or that high paying job in surgery. Here’s how:

  1. Become an AASPA Member today! You can list that on your resume. This has been proved to help support your interest in surgery.
  2. Get your resume reviewed for FREE. The coordinator of our resume review service is Gerald Simons, Immediate Past President. This is free for student members; non-student members can also have their resume reviewed by our surgical team for a fee of $60. For more information, contact AASPA.
  3. Apply for a student scholarship. As you can imagine, “AASPA scholarship award winner” is very powerful on a resume.
  4. Attend an AASPA CME Meeting. It also is a great resume builder and an outstanding place to make job leads.
  5. Get involved. There are many opportunities to participate in AASPA activities. Why not serve your profession, while making new friends and job leads? Contact one of our two student directors. Visit the AASPA leadership page.
  6. Contact AASPA leadership for career advice. We are here for you!

Mentor and Be Mentored

Being a student member of AASPA comes with many valuable resources for your PA school journey! The AASPA Board of Directors welcomes any questions you may have along the way to your physician assistant career. In addition, we offer resources for Pre-PAs to PA graduates including

  • Pre-PA meetings that provide guidance on PA school applications
  • Resume review when you prepare to go for your first job interview
  • Access to archived issues of Sutureline in the AASPA Vault, available 24/7
  • Archived previous sessions from CME meetings

The AASPA also has a mentorship program for students interested in the surgical field. Once you become a member and if you are interested in an opportunity to shadow a surgical PA, please contact AASPA.

Consider also becoming involved with AASPA! Student opportunities include writing articles for AASPA’s journal Sutureline or running for the AASPA Assistant Student Representative position. Also apply for the Student Scholarship Award!


Surgical PA Student Must Reads

To gain a broad knowledge of the profession, we would suggest the following readings:

  • Sutureline, the official journal of the AASPA
  • Study up on possible surgical PA specialties
  • Physician Assistants in American Medicine (by Hooker and Cawley)
  • A Kernel in the Pod (by J.M. Jones)
  • Opportunities in Physician Assistant Careers (by Sacks)