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What We Do

AASPA is unsurpassed in service to our members through outstanding CME, professional growth and networking opportunities and advocacy of the surgical PA profession.

Continuing Education

We have an outstanding CME program, full of useful, cutting-edge surgical information. In fact, several surgeons and nurse practitioners have attended our CME program in the past.

Professional Growth and Networking

AASPA also functions to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas for PAs in surgery. This allows us to interact with surgical societies, other PA organizations, physician organizations, hospital administrators, and insurance companies.

AASPA supports the surgical PA profession by supports the needs of the membership, by marketing the profession, assisting with professional issues (such as credentialing), providing networking opportunities and communicating trends and ideas. This culminates with better and safer surgical care for our patients.

Become an AASPA Member

AASPA has a membership level for everyone: surgical PA, surgeon, PA student, PA resident and even a special section for pre-PAs. The entire Board of Directors prides ourselves on our accessibility, and we are here to help all our members, supporters and physician partners.

More Information

  • Call our National Office at 772-388-0498
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