2020 AASPA Poster Presentation Application

20th Annual CME Meeting and Surgical Update
October 15, 2020 to October 17, 2020
AASPA Member Poster Presentation

Present your research on a national level in front of a big audience of PAs! Present your original research, new or innovative methods in surgical practice that are important for practitioners, case reports that are of interest and relevance to surgical PAs, and research in progress.

The intent of the poster presentation is to raise the educational quality and diversity of the AASPA conference while also encouraging participants to enhance skills in professionalism. Additionally, the poster presentation provides opportunities for new PAs to meet with residency and fellowship program participants who have submitted poster presentations. The poster presentation is open to AASPA members who are PA students, PA residents, and PA fellows.

Poster Information

Location: CAMLS - Center For Advanced Medical Learning And Simulation
124 South Franklin Street | Tampa, Florida 33602

Setup: October 15, 2020 | Time TBD

Display: Posters will remain on display throughout the meeting.

Submission Rules and Formatting Guidelines

Meeting Registration

The presenter must be an AASPA member and register for the meeting. The person submitting the abstract for the poster must be the primary author of the research or study. Registration information for the conference can be found on the AASPA website: /events/aaspa-cme-meetings/2020-aaspa-annual-meeting

*Student presenters will receive free registration with documentation of current enrollment from their program. The free registration is provided for the primary author who is the presenter ONLY, the free registration does not include multiple authors.


All authors submitting posters for the conference must submit an abstract by August 1, 2020, 11:59 pm (EST). AASPA will review the submissions and notify you of acceptance. AASPA will not perform editing nor accept new submissions after the deadline.

Abstract Submission Contact Information

Please submit the completed abstracts as a one-page Microsoft Powerpoint document. Include the name of the author(s), credentials, program/school/hospital represented, and contact information of the primary author/presenter.

Completed abstracts can be submitted using this form. If you have additional questions, concerns, or want to withdraw a submission, please contact the AASPA Director of Education at [email protected].

Submit Your Application

Poster Content

  • Original research and data presentation of scientific results is encouraged. Surgical topics are preferred, but topics such as novel anticoagulants, OR safety, etc. are also acceptable. Other content categories include the following:
  • New or innovative methods in surgical practice that are important for practitioners
  • Case reports that are of interest and relevance to surgical PAs*
    • These reports must be written in compliance with HIPAA Law
  • Research in progress

Poster Size

Most posters are designed from Microsoft Powerpoint templates that can be found through a web search. We recommend a poster size of 56 x 36 inches (a Microsoft powerpoint slide enlarged). The poster is best displayed mounted on thick foam poster board. If you will be printing the poster on soft/bendable material, please contact AASPA prior to printing.

Poster and Abstract Formatting

All posters should have a title that accurately reflects the content of the poster. Within the body of the abstract that is presented on the poster, the following headings should be included at a minimum:

  • Purpose
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Of note, case reports do not need to have methods/results/conclusions, and research in progress does not need to have results/conclusions. If clinical research has been performed, it is important to indicate in your abstract whether approval by an institutional review board (IRB) was obtained. It should also be clearly indicated if informed consent was required and obtained for the research study (when applicable). Additional content that should be included are references, acknowledgements, the name of your school or hospital, additional authors or faculty advisors (when applicable). Many resources regarding formatting of scientific research posters can be found on university websites. You also have the option of having your abstract and associated research published in AASPA’s periodical Sutureline.

Poster Transport

You will need to bring your own poster or have it shipped ahead of time for the conference. You are responsible for picking up your poster at the conclusion of the conference. For shipping details, please contact AASPA's CEO Charlotte Grill at [email protected].