Director of Marketing

AASPA Leadership Position Description

The most important responsibility of the chair is to act on the charges assigned to the committee by the President/Board of Directors. Each committee chair is responsible for developing, recommending and implementing organizational plans and a budget for their respective committee. This group is responsible for marketing AASPA; not just to surgically leaning companies, but to surgical PAs of all specialties to increase membership. Part of the chair’s responsibility is to keep a finger on the pulse of the surgical PA profession in order to tailor membership to changing needs within our community. The chair of each committee should always be well informed of all committee activities. This committee should include marketing experts to guide advertising for the organization as a whole and CME activities. They should also be able to advise on novel training and educational opportunities for our constituents thereby increasing membership by improving return on member’s investment. Committee chairs should coordinate with the Board of Directors and other committee chairs, as needed.

General Responsibilities

  • Hold an annual membership drive to increase AASPA membership
  • Increase corporate support by contacting and developing relationships with industry
  • Recruit and retain new members for AASPA
  • Develop plans to increase AASPA membership
  • Act as ombudsman for members
  • Provide leadership to the committee
  • Provide oversight of committee functions
  • Submit quarterly written membership reports at least two weeks prior to the mid-year BOD meeting
  • Keep an accurate roster of Corporations for possible association support. This record should include the contact name, company name, address, telephone and fax number and e-mail address.
  • Make policy recommendations to the BOD, when appropriate
  • Update the membership brochure, with Board approval or create one if it does not already exist
  • Submit at least two articles per year (e.g. promoting membership benefits and volunteer opportunities, or a summary of committee activities) for Sutureline.
  • Assist fellow officers as needed
  • Implement BOD charges to the committee
  • After reviewing charges from the BOD for the year, prepare a yearly committee budget to be approved by the BOD
  • Report back to the committee on decisions of the BOD that may affect the committee’s work or activities
  • Appoint and mentor committee members
  • Solicit new volunteers to serve on the committee
  • Attend and facilitate all committee meetings
  • Miss no more than one BOD meeting
  • Attend Leadership Retreat/Strategic Planning Session

This position requires 6-10 hours per month with an increase during times of dues renewal and membership drives.