AASPA Policies

Theater Cap Challenge

Jan 2018

Dr. Rob Hackett's concept of simply writing your name and job title on your scrub cap has been quickly spreading through Australia and the EU. It is a simple and free idea that helps to improve communication in an emergency, especially in larger institutions where it may be harder to identify colleagues and new faces. It also helps easily identify staff to patients and family members.

The AASPA BOD endorses the "Theater Cap Challenge" and encourages more aggressive adaptation in North America.

Policy Statement on Sharps Safety

The AASPA endorses the following Council on Surgical and Perioperative Safety Safe Surgical Principle regarding sharps safety: "The CSPS endorses sharps safety measures to prevent injury during perioperative care. Sharps safety measures should include double-gloving, blunt suture needles for fascial closure, and the neutral zone when appropriate to avoid hand to hand passage of sharps."

The following are linked resources gleaned from the CSPS website regarding sharps safety:

Public Health Issue of Guns in Our Society

The recent tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut have served to underscore the tremendous public health issue of gun violence in our nation. As a profession dedicated to the wellbeing, health and safety of our patients, AASPA believes that intelligent, effective, enforceable and public safety guided gun control policies must be in place across our nation.

AASPA submitted a resolution to have a national PA voice on gun control to be debated at the AAPA Annual CME Meeting in May, 2013.

Our Policy and Resolution Proposal

CAGV letter