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Surgical PA Specialties

According to the AAPA, 25% of PAs have a general surgery specialty or surgical subspecialty.

Surgical PAs are able to work anywhere the supervising surgeon has practice privileges.
A strong background in family practice or internal medicine is helpful for any PA seeking specialty work. This foundational knowledge is invaluable in both the clinical and hospital settings. Many surgeons seek well-rounded PAs so they can augment their own specialty knowledge with current generalized practice skills.

Surgical PA Specialties

Learn more about these specialties. Employers can use this information to complete job descriptions and better understand how specialized PAs can impact their surgical environments.


Share your Expertise!

AASPA is recruiting PAs who practice in a speciality area to help us improve this portion of the site. This is a great way to share your unique knowledge and build your resume. If you would like to write a speciality practice area description, please email Gerald Simons, PA-C,

Surgical PA Specialties

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