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Pre-PA Student Membership Benefits

Join us! You won’t want to miss out on the PA profession insider info, mentoring opportunities and hottest job listings. And, AASPA membership looks great on an application.

Although only graduate PAs and PA students may “join” AASPA, as a college student interested in the PA profession you can make a donation to AASPA. In return you will receive all of our publications, invitations to our meetings and a letter to include in your PA Program/CASPA applications.

Pre-PA Student Perks

In exchange for your one-time $75 donation, you will receive the following pre-PA student benefits:

  • Letter suitable to add to your PA school application
  • Opportunities for PA shadowing and mentoring
  • Opportunities to network with our student directors
  • Opportunities to work with the Student Affairs committee

In addition, you will enjoy the many benefits offered to all AASPA members, including our noteworthy journal Sutureline, member discounts to meetings, current job listings and more.

More Information

  • Call our National Office at 772-388-0498
  • Email us