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Surgical PA Students

AASPA proudly serves the unique needs of PA and Pre-PA students interested in Surgery, Critical Care or Trauma

Why Become an AASPA Member?

If you are even moderately interested in Surgery, Critical Care or Emergency Medicine then you need AASPA membership. AASPA membership is a great way to improve your PA program application or resume, make connection with PA professionals and get current job listings.


AASPA has been proud to sponsor a scholarship for students in an ARC-PA approved program who have a surgical interest. Click here to visit our scholarship page.

Student Loan Questions Answered!

AASPA has partnered with DRB Student Loan and hosted a free "Student Loan Best Practices" webinar specifically for surgical PAs.

The student loan marketplace has evolved, and options now exist which allow PAs to refinance their student loans to much lower interest rates (starting at 3.515% variable, 4.075% fixed for AASPA Members w/ autopay).

The free webinar was held on Wednesday, December 7th at 7:00pm EST.

Questions that were addressed:

  • How can I lower my interest rate?
  • How much money do I stand to save by refinancing?
  • How do I qualify for the 0.125% rate discount that DRB is offering AASPA Members?
  • Will refinancing have any effect on my credit or ability to purchase a home?
  • Will the government help me repay my loans if I work in a rural or underserved area?
  • How will the proposed legislative changes to federal repayment programs affect me?

The online presentation was followed by Q&A and recorded. Click here to listen to this invaluable information.

More Information

  • Call our National Office at 772-388-0498
  • Email us